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Dr. Drew Blatchford

Dr. Drew Blatchford

Senior Osteopath

Currently on sabbatical

Dr. Drew Blatchford is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath and member of Osteopathy Australia.

Drew’s background is in Sports Science having completed a bachelor’s degree in Manchester, England. During this period, he attended the National Cricket Academy as part of the Sports Science support to England’s opening batswomen. Drew has also interspersed his work in Osteopathy with research in the field of cycling – focused on the set-up position of cyclists and it’s effect on cycling economy, muscle recruitment, muscle force and contraction velocity as well as changes to joint range of movement. Drew completed his Osteopathic studies in Melbourne and has continued his professional development in the sports setting.


In more recent years, Drew has become accredited with Functional Movement Systems, a system used by many of the world’s elite sporting clubs. Integration of this system has developed more

Dr. Drew Blatchford

comprehensive movement testing for his clients. This has also led to him working with many of our younger clients or “teenage athletes” to help correct movement patterns and optimise their performance.

Drew will often be found in our gym and rehab room using the Functional Movement screen to help assess someone looking to start a new exercise plan, prepare for a 5km run or as part of a preseason screen. This allows us to identify potential risks of injury before they arise and set a plan in place to reduce risk of injury and focus on better movements.


A tailored report will be sent to each client with a clear set of results and information on areas which may need improving. Drew is motivated to educate his clients to understand how to take charge of their own body more efficiently and more often.


Drew is an accomplished mountain biker having raced in Greece, North America, New Zealand and the UK. Currently, he enjoys competing in mountain bike and cyclocross races. He also enjoys playing golf to a mediocre level.

Areas of Interest

Knee pain – especially post ACL/Meniscal injury (post-surgical)

Pre-performance/pre-season: Mobility testing

Hip pain

Jaw (TMJ pain)

Lower back pain

Neck pain


Dr. Drew Blatchford is currently on sabbatical and is unavailable for online bookings.