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Dr. Andrew Jacobs

Dr. Andrew Jacobs

Senior Osteopath

Dr Andrew Jacobs is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath and member of Osteopathy Australia. He graduated from Victoria University in 2009 after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Osteopathy.

Andrew has gained a vast array of experience in sports medicine over the last decade, consulting in a variety of settings in Melbourne.

Andrew’s treatment philosophy is to correct the cause of the issue while treating the symptoms, through treatment techniques he has developed and perfected over the past decade. Andrew also aims to empower his patients through injury education, exercise rehabilitation and self-management strategies to help correct their current injury while preventing any re-aggravations.



Andrew is continually building networks with leading researchers and clinicians, which keeps him updated with the latest trends and techniques in sports medicine to ensure he can provide industry leading treatment and management for all his patients.

Living in the local area and having strong family roots, Andrew is committed to the health and wellbeing of the local community.

Areas of Interest

Chronic & difficult shoulder injuries

Complex neck injuries and headache

Pelvic and Hip injuries

Lower limb sporting injuries

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